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Do you have Curly hair? How was your last haircut and style?

By Beth Parth

Cutting curly hair is an art in itself...it's so easy for curly hair to end up looking and feeling fuzzy or misshapen after a bad hair cut...Or, have you left the salon after a simple trim and felt like your hair was 2 or 3 inches shorter. Many hair stylists over cut curly hair because they don't understand how much curly hair can shrink when it’s dry.

I was thinking and writing about curly hair today because of an online inquiry, and I thought we need to talk more about this. Both Trish and I have curly hair so it’s second nature for us to love working with it.

Cutting and styling curly hair takes experience and special attention because there are so many ways for hair stylists to mess it up…using the wrong texture shears or razor cutting techniques can leave curly hair frizzier, too short and just plain misshapen.

Wet curly hair can be so different than dry and this really has to be taken into consideration when cutting… inches can be lost just because it shrinks.

Because curly hair tends be dry, brittle and prone to frizzing the products we use must be moisture rich, have more minerals and be more protective. Lastly, we can’t forget that styling curly hair is so different than styling other hair types.

Here Are Some Curly Hair Care Tips; (most of you curly heads already know these)

~Limit shampooing your hair to twice a week. Over shampooing swells, weakens and can strip your hair of its natural oils and minerals.

~Use a moisture and mineral rich conditioner after every shampoo to re-moisturize your hair.

~Use a protective leave-in conditioner after every shampoo.

~Use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically geared towards treating curly hair.

~Avoid using narrow toothed combs and brushes. Wide-toothed combs won’t be as likely to cause breakage and frizzing.

~Let your hair dry naturally to reduce frizzing, avoid brushing and using a towel to dry your hair. If you need to your hair to dry quickly, blot your hair with a towel, but do not rub it.

~Deep condition once a month (or more) to re-moisturize and re-mineralize your scalp and hair.

~Use a styling product with protective and moisturizing ingredients to help keep your hair from frizzing. Apply when your hair is still wet and gently style with your finger. Apply the styling one section at a time so that it is equally distributed.

~Avoid playing with your hair or touching it as much as possible while it’s drying. Don’t try to brush your hair out while it’s dry, friction will cause your hair to tangle and/or frizz.